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  • Building Appeal - We need help now!

    Building Appeal - We need help now!

    We have a big plan to save more lives. We need help now!

    SADS provides care to dogs and cats where it is most needed and help that is often not available elsewhere. We are doing the work you believe in and that you have been so supportive of in the past; taking the abandoned, the sick, those whose owners have died or who for many reasons cannot keep them, or do not want to keep them.

    At the start of 1985 SADS was founded to address the shocking kill rate of dogs at Municipal Animal Pounds and so-called Animal Welfare Organisations in Victoria and to save as many of man’s best friends as possible. Over 33 years, through your loyal and generous support of our work, you have helped SADS save many, many thousands of dogs, and for the past 20 years, cats, from certain death so they may happily live out their natural life spans.

    We are now on the threshold of an opportunity to significantly expand our reach. But we can’t do it without you. We must urgently raise $500,000 to further develop our own facility.

    Our property desperately needs upgrades to save more lives

    The Yarrambat shelter is set on 33 acres of environmentally protected land with an existing permit for the holding of 190 dogs and 50 cats. It is fully owned by SADS and has enabled many more animals to be saved, cared for and rehabilitated whilst awaiting permanent adoption. However, the infrastructure is old and badly in need of redevelopment to provide better care for our animals and to comply with the code of practice for animal shelters. This property ensures that even the most traumatised and very large active dogs can be saved due to adequate resources.

    Please support our appeal by donating to enable the new kennels to be built. Your support is crucial to our efforts to save more unwanted and abused animals.

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    Leave a Gift in your Will

    Leave a Gift in your Will

    Have you ever considered leaving a gift in your Will, to help Save-A-Dog Scheme, TO CONTINUE TO DO THE WORK YOU BELIEVE IN?

    Your bequest means a lot to SADS. It enables SADS to continue to save companion animals which would otherwise be killed, and to plan for and safeguard the future of this important work.

    For 30 years SADS has been an established leader in the No-Kill movement saving thousands of lives throughout metropolitan and country Victoria through its operation of a regional animal pound, country rehoming programs and by accepting and caring for dogs and cats whose owners can no longer keep them.

    SADS also provides veterinary care for sick and injured dogs and cats including palliative care for animals that still enjoy a good quality of life.

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    Can you be a foster hero?

    Can you be a foster hero?

    Heros are often ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference for someone else. The effort needed to help them is not necessarily extraordinary, but the affect it can have is.
    We always have cats, kittens dogs and puppies that we need to get into foster care, short or long term.

    Could you be their hero?

    Some need a little confidence building,
    Some need respite,
    Some have special medical needs,
    Some just need a place to hang out while their adoptions are being finalised,
    And some would just be plain old happy to be in a home for a while, giving us room for those that need our help urgently.

    If you could be a hero for one or more of our animals and foster them, even for just a little while, please send us an email on

    ***We prefer if you are close enough to Glen Iris, Vic, for vet visits and potential adoption viewings by arrangement.