Have you ever considered leaving a gift in your Will, to help Save-A-Dog Scheme, TO CONTINUE TO DO THE WORK YOU BELIEVE IN?

Your bequest means a lot to SADS. It enables SADS to continue to save companion animals which would otherwise be killed, and to plan for and safeguard the future of this important work.

For 30 years SADS has been an established leader in the No-Kill movement saving thousands of lives throughout metropolitan and country Victoria through its operation of a regional animal pound, country rehoming programs and by accepting and caring for dogs and cats whose owners can no longer keep them.

SADS also provides veterinary care for sick and injured dogs and cats including palliative care for animals that still enjoy a good quality of life.

The following FORM of BEQUEST will ensure that a potential gift is correctly described and thus enable SADS to benefit from your life giving kindness...

"I bequeath to Save-A-Dog Scheme Inc. A0004567T, ABN 71 887 339 646 (" the Association") the sum of (AMOUNT IN WORDS) dollars (AMOUNT IN FIGURES ) free of all duties, to be Applied by the Association in pursuit of the purposes provided for in its Constitution and I DECLARE the receipt of the secretary, treasurer or other proper officer of the Association shall be complete discharge to my Trustee for any monies paid to the Association."