Please support SADS through our Wish List

We're always grateful for gifts that help us look after our saved animals. If you'd like to give a non-monetary donation, please see the lists below for our greatest needs and preferred brands. By donating the goods on this list, you'll know that your precious resources are helping the animals in the best possible way!

Dog Wish List

  • Advantage or Frontline flea treatment — must NOT contain heartworm treatment - large-dog size
  • CAPSTAR flea treatment tablets — for all sizes of dog
  • Dry puppy food — preferably premium brands such as Eukanuba, Advance, Hills, Black Hawk, Holistic, Wellness

Cat Wish List

  • Sachets of wet kitten food — preferably WHISKAS or Advance brands
  • Dry kitten food — preferably Advance or other premium brands
  • Canned food for adult cats — preferably WHISKAS brand or premium brands; NOT casserole varieties
  • Cat litter (Homebrand from supermarkets) — not clumping variety
  • Advantage flea treatment for cats and for kittens

Other items of lower urgency

  • MALASEB medicated shampoo for dogs
  • Puppy food — tinned Advance, Eukanuba, Hills, Royal Canin or other good brand name, but not generic brands

We thank you for your support!