Fostering for Save-A-Dog Scheme

Foster carers take a dog or cat into their home and treat them like one of the family. We're always delighted to find suitable foster homes! If you're interested in becoming a foster carer, please email

Why Foster?

First and foremost, to save the life of an animal. Fostering enables Save-A-Dog Scheme to save as many dogs and cats as possible. Fostering provides the animal with a stable caring environment while we look for a permanent home.

It's also a great way for you to experience the joy of animal companionship without the lifelong commitment! You'll have the pleasure of watching a sometimes confused or frightened animal develop confidence and social skills —and this will ease their eventual transition from the shelter environment to a permanent new home!

What does it do for the animal?

Fostering gives an animal the opportunity to learn manners and become well socialised in a home environment. Dogs who learn to bond and become confident in a consistent environment are able to do so again in a new home. By teaching them manners and basic obedience skills, you're assisting them to become the sort of companion animal that most families are looking for. You can help restore confidence and trust in an animal who may have come from a difficult situation, and that's an important step in helping them to become well mannered, tolerant, loving and responsive.

Responsibilities and Cost

Fostering encompasses all the normal responsibilities of caring for an animal. We ask that you take a dog or cat into your home and treat them like one of the family. Animals are usually fostered for as long as it takes to find it a permanent home — and that time-frame can vary considerably.

Our dogs and cats are already desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped before coming to your home and they have basic equipment such as a collar and ID tags. The only cost is food and your time and care. Save-A-Dog Scheme covers any veterinary expenses.