What is the fate of human shy cats? Could you help to provide a future?


As an animal organisation with a no kill philosophy, SADS receives many non or under socialised cats which are extremely difficult to re home in a domestic situation.


Nevertheless, they have a right to a life which provides the best achievable happiness for the cat while at the same time protecting native and other animals.

One thought is that these cats could possibly be housed as stable cats but this is not acceptable to SADS due to the fact that even when well fed these cats will still hunt .However other situations such as depots and warehouses, which are more industrial and devoid of wildlife could be one solution for these poor felines – which through no fault of their choosing ,are irreversibly shy of humans .


Cats thus placed would need to be FIV negative, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped ,registered and free of disease and medical conditions that need ongoing treatment. These stipulations would all be met, free of charge by SADS.


If you feel you may be able to offer such a safe haven please contact Margie on 0488 502 121 or email sads@saveadog.org.au to discuss.