At Save A Dog Scheme, our number one priority is giving dogs a second chance, and we have been most successful throughout the years. We often take the dogs that other organisations are unable to take. Some dogs are easier to rehome than others and most of the time this is due to size, breed, age and behaviour.

These dogs with more special needs would make fantastic companions to the right person and deserve a second chance just as other dogs do. Generally, these dogs require a particularly experienced and skilled human companion to lead them. Many dogs might be dog reactive, strong, have separation anxiety or have other quirks which might make them a bit of a challenge.

One of these dogs is ZUKO..


This beautiful boy is a 3 year old German Shepherd X.

He is incredibly affectionate with his favourite people and nothing makes him happier than having a splash in water on a hot summer day!

He is true to his breed – driven, intelligent and eager to please. Zuko learns new tricks quickly and develops a close bond with anyone who dedicates their time to build a connection and train him.
Although Zuko does well walking alongside other dogs, he has had minimal experience socialising with other canines and will need someone who has the experience and time to build his confidence and manners while interacting with other dogs.

The perfect home for Zuko would be one where he is an only dog, in an adult home, and with a human companion who is familiar with the Shepherd breed. He is a strong boy looking for his pack leader!