Keep your microchip up to date

Microchips are only as good as the information on them

Keep your microchip up to date.

It surprises us how many animals come to us with outdated microchip information. It makes it very difficult, and sometimes impossible to reunite lost pets with their owners.

How to keep your pets safe

The best possible way, to make sure your pet finds their way back to you, if they go missing is to:

  • Keep microchip details up to date
  • Ask your vet to scan the microchip and make sure it’s working
  • Always have a collar and tag on them with your contact details

Don’t rely on a microchip alone

Microchips can be missed, can move around the body or may be faulty. Have your phone number on your animal’s collar too. If found, it’s possible they’ll be returned to you rather than being impounded and costing you release fees.


How to update your details

There are multiple microchip companies across Victoria and Australia. You can update your details with the company your microchip is registered with. If you don’t know who your microchip is registered with, you can do to do a search across the databases on Pet Address.

If you don’t know your microchip number, contact your vet or council to ask them to scan your pet.

Keep your pets safe and keep their microchips up to date!