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  • 2016 SADS Calendars

    2016 SADS Calendars

    What’s better than seeing the beautiful face of a rescued animal, living a happy life? Seeing one every month of course!

    The SADS 2016 Calendar of rescued animals is now available online, in shelter and at upcoming SADS events.

    Available to buy now – while stocks last.

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    Long Stayer Cats

    Long Stayer Cats


    Inherent in the No Kill commitment is our reluctant acknowledgement and acceptance of the sad fact that some cats and kittens brought to the shelter have not been socialised with humans. Because they will always be very dangerous to handle, unless they can be desexed and released as registered to a carer, they cannot be saved.

    There is however another category of cats and kittens which will probably always be timid and unaffectionate to humans. These creatures are harmless, decorative, and friendly to other cats but need a home where confidence and demonstrative affection is not an indispensable requirement.

    Because of its no kill commitment Save-A-Dog Scheme keeps these cats for as long as is necessary to rehome them but it must of course eventually find homes for them.

    To this end we are initiating a programme called the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ADOPTION PROGRAMME for those whose love of cats and support for the non-kill commitment is unconditional.

    Perhaps your home already has one confident and very loving cat and the addition to the household of a cat that may never be confident and affectionate but whose life can be saved by an altruistic adoption would endorse your claims of love for a creature which is freely given rather than paid for with the demands of affection.

    In order to save the lives of many of the cats and kittens in our care those who believe in the no kill commitment must accept that some adoptions must be based on altruistic motives.

    Our long stayer cats are now waiting for the appropriate matching and can be found on our website. They can be identified by ***Long Stayer*** next to their name

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    Special Needs - Can You Help

    Special Needs - Can You Help

    Give a special gift to a sick or injured animal, or help with the costs of preparing one of our puppies or kittens for adoption.

    Vet bills are our single biggest expense.

    In line with our no-kill policy, sick & injured animals are nursed back to health at SADS rather than being euthanased, as they may be elsewhere. This often involves expensive medical treatment.

    A donation to special needs is a lovely way to directly help our animals.

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