Source Number: BR100902

Staghound X


~5 months old

Microchip Number: 956000015762743

Meet Scotch, the spirited 4-month-old Staghound x Black puppy destined to be a gentle giant. From the day he entered the world as the largest of his siblings, Scotch has been a bundle of playful energy and irrepressible cheekiness. With his sleek black coat and the graceful build of a future athlete, Scotch already stands out among his littermates. His oversized paws hint at the impressive size he will grow into, promising to be a companion who commands attention wherever he goes. Despite his size, Scotch is known for his mischievous streak. He fearlessly explores his surroundings, always eager to investigate new scents and chase after anything that moves. His curiosity knows no bounds, and his antics never fail to bring laughter to those around him. Underneath his playful exterior, Scotch shows a heart as big as his ambitions. He adores cuddles and is quick to shower his family with affectionate licks and gentle nudges. His loyalty is already evident, as he follows his humans around with unwavering devotion. As Scotch continues to grow, his potential shines brighter each day. With proper training and guidance, he is sure to become not only a beloved member of the family but also a noble and majestic companion. Keep an eye on Scotch – this cheeky pup is destined for great things!