Source Number: BR100902

Staghound X


~5 months old

Microchip Number: 956000017188749

Meet Whiskey, the delightful 4-month-old Staghound x puppy who embodies sweetness, cheekiness, and boundless fun. As one of four siblings, Whiskey stands out not only for his playful antics but also for his gentle and loving nature. From the moment Whiskey wags his tail and gives you that puppy-dog grin, you know you're in for a good time. He's the life of the party among his siblings, always eager to initiate games of chase or play with his favorite toys. His energy is infectious, and he spreads joy wherever he goes. Despite his mischievous streak, Whiskey has a heart of gold. He's quick to shower his human companions with affection, whether it's through cuddles on the couch or joyful puppy kisses. His loyalty to his siblings is just as strong, and he enjoys their company as they explore their world together. Whiskey's charm lies in his ability to bring laughter and warmth to any situation. His curiosity fuels his adventures, and he approaches new experiences with a mix of excitement and curiosity. As he grows, Whiskey promises to be not only a cherished pet but also a loyal friend who will brighten the lives of his adoptive family. If you're looking for a sweet and playful companion who will fill your days with laughter and love, Whiskey is ready and waiting to embark on this journey with you. Come meet Whiskey and discover the joy of having a furry friend who is as cheeky as he is lovable!