Source Number: BR100902

Staghound X


~4 months old

Microchip Number: 956000016768627

Meet Kahlua, the charming 4-month-old tan Staghound x puppy with a heart full of playfulness and a spirit as warm as her coat. Kahlua is currently looking for her forever home, where she can share her love for toys and bring boundless joy to her new family. From the moment you meet Kahlua, her enthusiasm for play is unmistakable. She delights in chasing balls, tugging on ropes, and exploring the world around her with unbridled curiosity. Her favorite pastime is playing with toys, and she can turn even the simplest object into hours of entertainment. Standing out among her siblings with her larger size and striking tan fur, Kahlua is undeniably good-looking. Her sleek build and bright eyes give her an air of elegance, while her wagging tail and friendly demeanor showcase her loving nature. Despite her size, Kahlua is gentle and affectionate. She adores cuddles and loves to be close to her humans, soaking up every bit of affection she can get. Her loyalty is already evident, as she bonds closely with those who show her kindness and care. As Kahlua eagerly awaits adoption, she dreams of a home where she can continue to grow and thrive. She promises to be a devoted companion, always ready for playtime and eager to shower her new family with love. If you're searching for a beautiful, playful, and loving puppy to join your household, Kahlua is ready to bring her warmth and charm into your life. Come meet Kahlua and discover the joy of welcoming a spirited companion into your home!