Source Number: BR100902

Border Collie


~5 months old

Microchip Number: 956000015699682

PUPS WITH DISABILITIES These are not disabled pups ..they are pups with disabilities .They are not disabled pups because like other creatures with some sort of physical impairment they are intact individuals that give and receive love and enjoy life and that need to be loved, cherished ,respected and cared for in the same way as if their disabilities did not exist. All three of these gorgeous border collie pups were born with congenital conditions affecting their sight and hearing. The degree of affliction varies from pup to pup and Save-A-dog Scheme has provided as much veterinary treatment and intervention as possible. These puppies will of course need special consideration and requirements when they are adopted into their permanent homes including to live in an extra safe environment with another dog to help them compensate for the disadvantages when dealing with everyday life. Please phone us on 0488 502 121 if you would like to know more or discuss possible adoption.