Animal Business Number 60279 City of Stonnington

Poodle X Spaniel


~8 years old

Hodor (Hoddy) requires A QUIET CONSISTENT ADULT HOME WITH ANOTHER CALM DOG. HE RESPONDS WELL TO DIRECTION FROM MEN Please see the update from Hoddy's foster home which is suiting his personality very well. Hoddy’s progress is continuously moving forward. He is remaining quiet and very content to snooze the day away alongside his canine peers. It is rather special to see them all lined up in the shade fast asleep. Inside the house we are encouraging the same behaviour, that is, quiet peacefulness. With the whole family in similar suit this is easily achieved. He has an innate nature to want to please and is ever so complainant to instruction. He has a happy countenance and just needs the right family to show him the way. Ideally his Master should be an experienced dog owner who can demonstrate clear and consistent leadership. Repetition is the key to unlocking Hoddy’s full potential. This boy would benefit from the companionship of another canine. The said dog should be happy to just “hang out” with Hoddy rather than make demands of him. He is not a player. The said dog should be higher in the pack order to Hoddy and one who demonstrates exemplary behaviour, sensibility and wisdom. The added canine companionship within the family structure will enable the humans to step back, i.e. go out for the day, or just be around the house but not with the dogs. I believe Hoddy can be left alone outside, in these circumstances. He has demonstrated this most admirably whilst in our care. Unwanted demands for affection must be curbed. We are working with him to eliminate jumping up or any clambers for affection with good compliance. Again, repetition is the key. The pack walks with the entire family (canine too) are vital. Hoddy craves structure and security in his life and a sense of place. The walks have significantly helped reduce his anxiety and increase his compliance to training. He heals on the lead and responds instantly to corrections. We have walked him alone and with the family either way he is a pleasure. He remains quiet throughout, nicely engaged in the task. An hour or so tires him out adequately. Regular activities with the family are crucial for this boy’s happiness he LOVES his people most of all. He loves the water so perhaps outings to the beach or maybe a splash in a local creek would have him grinning from ear to ear. He would benefit living with a family who are home more often than not. A family who are prepared to keep him stimulated and active and commit to his ongoing training will be rewarded with a dog that is a pleasure to have in company. He travels nicely in the car too.