Animal Business Number 60279 City of Stonnington

Domestic Short Hair


~16 months old

Sito had a very rough start in life in a back yard cat colony, and we’d love to make the rest of her life much happier. Maybe you can help? Sito is 1 year old, has some trust issues, but she’s a friendly girl who purrs contentedly with those she knows. She could take a while to transition with her new owner, but we think she’d flourish with time and her own space in an apartment. Sito needs an experienced owner, ideally someone who is at home at lot or who works from home. If you could be that special person who feels they could make Sito happy, we'd love to hear from you. Call us any day between 9-5 on (03) 9824 7928 or 0418 389 810.