Goodwill Wine Helps SADS

Goodwill Wine is a Victorian business that sources unlabelled boutique wine from vineyards across Australia and then sells those wines to help raise funds for charitable organisations. They will donate 50% of the profit from your purchase to SADS. That's a minimum of $20 per case to help the animals!

Goodwill Wine uses personalised labels for each charity. We now have 2 labels — Cassie with those soulful eyes and handsome Cuba with his stunning grey coat! You can choose the label you'd like ... or if you order a dozen, you can send your own image to Goodwill Wine and they'll personalise the labels just for you! The label also provides a brief description about Save-A-Dog Scheme ... so whether you enjoy SADS-labelled wine yourself or share it with friends as a lovely gift, you'll be helping to raise awareness about us!

These wines are available online directly from Goodwill Wine. When you visit their website, you might like to read about the background of the business. The owner lost everything in the Black Saturday bushfires and he subsequently established Goodwill Wine to give something back to a community who so generously supported him.

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